MEV as a service

MEV bots that work for you instead of against you.

Passive protocols can’t fully protect themselves from MEV extraction by active bots. That's why protocols need active bots that are on their side:

Eliminate the value extraction from exploitive MEV bots as much as possible.

Recapture all the MEV profits and return them to the protocol.

Work trustless and without introducing a centralized dependency.


Protocol Launches

Protocols are especially vulnerable to MEV during the first weeks and months after launch.Until the market integrates a new protocol rationally, high volatility can threaten the trust and security of a protocol, and lead to large losses of value through MEV extraction.StabilityKeepers keep the protocol in line with the market directly from launch. StabilityKeepers use atomic and statistical arbitrage to protect the protocol from adverse attacks (e.g. LP attacks on AMMs) and de-pegging risks.

Oracle extractable

Oracles introduce many angles for MEV extraction.Implementing effective safeguards is difficult: You need to balance safety against friction for the user.Our MEVProtect bots actively protect against the risks of MEV extraction and recpature all profits for the protocol. This protects the peg, the protocol value and also acts as a backstop during Oracle failure.