Get a comprehensive assessment of your protocol's exposure to arbitrage (MEV)

Wide coverage of MEV strategies

We see arbitrage that others miss. We have first-hand experience running several atomic and non-atomic strategies. And have likely the most completete library of on-chain arbitrage strategies (48 and counting).

Practical mitigation strategies

We understand and can weigh the available solutions to protect your protocol from MEV extraction. And we can guide your choice or implement MEV as a service bots that recapture the value for your protocol (see [MEV as a service] bots).

Ongoing support

You'll get best-effort support and guidance even after our review ends.

What’s included

  • A list of MEV risks your protocol is exposed to.
  • MEV scenarios that illustrate the strategies that bots will use to extract value from your protocol.
  • Clear short- and long-term recommendations for remediation.
  • Supporting reference material.