July 14, 2023

The first MEV Protection on zkSync!

We just finished testing and we’ve now deployed our StabilityKeeper infrastructure on zkSync 2.0 testnet.

This marks the first MEV Protection solution live on zkSync.

What are StabilityKeepers?

StabilityKeepers protect MEV extraction from defi protocols at launch and beyond. They recapture the MEV otherwise lost to bots and miners, and return it to protocols and users.

Unlike MEV private relays and private mempools, StabilityKeepers are a solution to MEV that does not create a centralized point of failure.

zkSync compiler made it easy to compile our solidity code to zkEVM bytcode. Transferring the rest of our infrastructure was also smooth. Support from zkSync Discord was very helpful – they answered all our questions with rapid clarity.

We didn't need to compromise on features, and pretty much ran out of the box. 

What is zkSync?

zkSync should really need no introduction. It’s the EVM-compatible zkRollup for Ethereum. Low transaction fees, high tps, and with built in account abstraction; and all with the security guarantees of Ethereum. We are excited to partner with zkSync and believe strongly that the future of Ethereum is on ZK-rollups.

Protect your MEV

If you are building on zkSync and want to make sure you are safe from MEV. DM us on Twitter (@0xPropeller) or Telegram (@yellow_propeller).

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